Case of 12: “Too Hot For You!” Specialty Sauce
May 4, 2014
Case of 12: Our Spicy BBQ and Meat Specialty Sauce
May 4, 2014

Case of 12: Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill Original Sauce


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Have a hankerin’ for our Kentucky’s Smokin Grill Original Specialty Sauce on just about everything you eat? Then we have a DEAL for you! Order a case of our original blend and save a dollar on each and every one of the 12 jars inside. How’s that sound?

If you have an even bigger appetite, please be aware that any orders of more than 15 cases will require 30-days of lead time. We want you to have your favorite BBQ and specialty meat sauce as soon as possible but it takes a bit of time to cook up and ship out that much perfection — but we are sure you will find the mounds of sauce worth the wait!

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in