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April 23, 2014
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Your Best-Ever Baked Beans

Miracle Mustard

Whether you use a recipe handed down from generation to generation, or a can-opener to create your favorite baked beans, adding a little of our Grand Reserve Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill Spiced Honey Mustard to your beans will liven them up and make them the hit of your next reunion, BBQ, or tailgate party. So simple (and no one needs to know your secret!) We won’t tell.

Smokin’ Grill Baked Beans

Mix three small cans of baked beans (or 3-4 cups of your homemade version) with 1/2 cup of Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill Concentrate Sauce and cook per instructions. (Use Original, Spicy, or “Too Hot For You!” versions — depending on your level of bravery.)

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