Just Restocked the Friendly Market today
October 6, 2014
Dave's BBQ at Danville KY Great American Brass Band Festival
BBQ and Brass Band!
June 8, 2015


Hey Guys…

Just got back from Jungle Jim’s (in Fairfield, OH) Weekend of Fire.  First off, if you’ve never been to this store, you gotta’ check it out! The place is amazing…and to top it off they hold the annual Weekend of Fire.  If you like it hot then Jungle Jim’s is the place to be!  We were there handing out samples.

I just want to thank everyone that came out and voted for us.  We placed in the BBQ selection!  Got a pretty red ribbon!  We can’t thank you enough for your support…if you want to order some of our award winning sauce, you know where you can get it…head on over to the shop section of our web site.

Hope everyone is well and we’ll see ya’ll again next year!


  1. Brian Collamer says:

    I love the Kentucky Smokin Grill BBQ Sauces and came home from the Jungle with more – again!!! Looking for the nutritional information though… where can I find it?

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