The Story behind Kentucky's Smokin' Grill

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Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill started in 1973 as a family picnic and barbecue for a 4th of July celebration. Over a period of about 10 years, our cookouts went from family picnic events to a growing hobby that blossomed into a part-time business.

Kentucky BBQ in the Good Ol' Days

Dave perfecting some barbecue pork

During the early years, we tried various available BBQ sauces. Some of them were acceptable as is, some needed a little attention, and some were beyond help.

We wanted to find the perfect BBQ sauce. We didn’t want one with an overbearing vinegar twang and we didn’t want one with a thin consistency (that stuff just slides off into the bottom of the grill when you add a little heat). We DID want a tasty sauce, smooth and pleasant so an individual wouldn’t tire of it. Addictive is a good thing in barbecue sauce. Trust us on that!

If You Want Something Done Right…

Try as we might to find that perfect sauce prepackaged in a jar or bottle, we were unsuccessful. On a brighter note, the search (and a little desperation) finally lead us to our own refrigerator, and our spice cabinet, and on to our stove top. The original recipe, mixed and served on a ‘Derby Day’ many years ago, is the same Kentucky BBQ Sauce recipe that you will find in every jar of our Original Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill Concentrate sauce today!

The Hard Part: Pinning Down the Magic

The toughest job during the final stages of developing the perfect Kentucky BBQ sauce was to come up with a standard formula for production. ‘A touch of this’ and ‘a bit of that’ doesn’t translate well into a refined recipe. Until then, we thought “eye of newt” was only in witches’ brew! (Just a little recipe humor for you).

No Compromises!

Once we perfected our recipe, we didn’t want to make changes that would lower the quality of our creation in any way. We made the hard decision that if our production recipe required the addition of vinegar or preservatives to achieve an acceptable shelf life, we would not market our sauce!

When had the sauce tested for production, It qualified for extended shelf life right off the top of the stove. Much to our surprise, our BBQ sauce needed no modification! So, you see, it was meant to be — and the Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill legend was born and packaged up to share with the world.

Now, Go Get Your Own!

Today, you can have your very own jar (or case — or many cases!) of our Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill Concentrate barbecue sauce. We offer the Original Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill Concentrate, a “Spicy” version for those who want a little more heat, and our “Too Hot For You” variety of Kentucky BBQ sauce for those whose palate prefers a little pain. You can order online now, or pick up a few jars at a Kentucky Barbecue Sauce retailer near you. We are a certified Kentucky Proud BBQ Sauce.